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About Jane Mountain, MD

When she faced the challenges of bipolar disorder, Dr. Mountain chose to give up her practice, cut down on her daily activities and pursue recovery. In doing so she became interested in helping others recover.

Today Dr. Mountain is a internationally known auhor and speaker acknowledged for her expertise in bipolar disorder and recovery. Her breakthrough perspectives have helped thousands seek mental wellness.

She is the author of the books Bipolar Disorder — Insights for Recovery and Beyond Bipolar — 7 Steps to Wellness. In addition she presents seminars and keynote presentations on depression, bipolar disorder, mental health advocacy, and mental health in the workplace.

Dr. Mountain is the founder and director of the Depression Bipolar Recovery Group of Midtown Denver and serves on the honorary board of the Mental Health Association of Colorado. She is a freelance writer and regular contributor to ISBD Global, newsletter of the International Society for Bipolar Disorders.

Dr. Mountain is a graduate of the University of South Dakota School of Medicine and the Mercy Family Practice Residency of Denver. She is retired from the practice of medicine, now working as a mental health educator and advocate.

Here’s what Dr. Mountain says about her work:

Once I was a sick cookie. I thought there was no hope for me to recover from bipolar disorder. Now I nurture my own mental health by taking care of myself and managing the challenges of bipolar.

I still have my days, and sometimes weeks, of mood challenges, but I have found the help I need to seek mental wellness, even in the context of having a disorder that once nearly killed me. Daily I find hope and chose life.

I feel much better now and I don’t want others to have to become as sick as I was at one time before starting on the road to recovery. For those who are sick cookies, I want them to have hope for recovery. My passion is to help others change their lives by staying in treatment and learning recovery principles and skills that enable a person to live a healthy life.

My interests in mental health go beyond bipolar disorder. I want all who live with a psychiatric disorder to find acceptance in their communities with meaningful work and relationships. In addition to bipolar and depression, I write and speak about topics such as access to health care and mental health in the workplace and community.

Join me—and let’s go beyond bipolar to a healthy life in resilient communities.

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