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Two books written by a doctor who lives successfully with bipolar disorder and understands it medically.

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Bipolar Disorder—Insights for Recovery is a book that changes lives. It gives hope to those who are mired in the grasp of this challenging disorder.

   I’ve had bipolar a long time but I now understand it in a new way.

   It was so easy to read, I read it in the hospital when I was really sick.

   I wasn’t sure of my diagnosis until I read this book.

   For the first time, I understand what my family member is going through.

Bipolar Disorder—Insights for Recovery is a must-read for anyone facing bipolar illness.

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Beyond Bipolar—7 Steps to Wellness

DrJane...teaches about
•    getting our lives back

•    about daring to hope

•    and about realizing that hope

 John McManamy

Dr Mountain, who herself has bipolar disorder, speaks with the wisdom of experience, the patience of a physician, and the clarity of a teacher.

Christopher Doran, MD

Buy both books now
for only $21.95!

Jane Mountain, MD
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