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Jane Mountain, Speaker
Your audiences will be recharged with hope and insight!

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Dr Jane — Bringing Steps to Wellness

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Steps to Wellness (New Presentation)
Depression and Bipolar Bisorder in Adults and Children
Recovery and Resiliency
Support and Recovery Groups
Resiliency in the Workplace
Clinical Topics about Bipolar Disorder
Justice for Those With Psychiatric Challenges Audiences
The Family of Psychiatric Medications (New Presentation)

Individuals with depression or bipolar disorder
Families challenged with bipolar disorder
Mental Health Clinicians
Teachers, counselors and school personnel


Dr. Mountain speaks with a passion for equality of rights for those experiencing psychiatric challenges. She candidly shares her experiences as one whose life has been changed by her experience of seeking wellness. Her keynote presentations are challenging and inspiring. They will move your audience to action in the context of hope. Best of all, she makes your job easy by being easy to work with.

Steps To Wellness

Taking the Mystery Out of Depression and Bipolar Disorder (This keynote can be done with an emphasis on suicide prevention.)

Meet the Family of Psychiatric Medications

Walking With Kids Who Have Bipolar Disorder

Peer and Community Recovery Groups: Success Without Burnout

Justice for All: Equality for People Challenged With Mental Disorders

Seniors and Depression: Are We Seeing What's Really There?

Resiliency in the Workplace: Best Practices

Dr. Mountain would be happy to custom tailor a keynote or presentation to meet the particular focus or request of your group. Contact her today to book her for your next gathering. Email, or phone, 303.329.3364.

Trainings can be adapted for individuals with bipolar disorders, their friends and family members or for professionals.

These seminars can be jointly sponsored by your organization and Dr. Mountain through her business, Chapter One Press. Click here for full details.

Bipolar Disorder: Insights for Recovery
In this popular workshop, Dr. Mountain shares a foundational understanding of bipolar disorder. She draws from her experience as a family physician and as an individual who experiences bipolar disorder both personally and in her family. Audiences delight in her candid sharing of events from her personal life that punctuates her presentation. They also appreciate her solid knowledge base and keen insights about the recovery process. Participants will learn answers to the following questions:

What is mood?
What is normal mood?
What is depression?
What is hypomania/mania?
What is the key role of mood regulation in bipolar disorder?
How do symptoms of bipolar disorder present unique challenges in life?

Beyond Bipolar: 7 Steps to Wellness
This interactive workshop teaches the 7 steps to wellness for those with bipolar disorder.

  1. Hope! Hope is the essential ingredient in the recovery process
  2. Manage! Management drives resiliency
  3. Aim! Resiliency is the target for achieving mental wellness
  4. Search! Discovering mood clues is essential in playing the game of bipolar disorder
  5. Connect! Depression and mania are connected by mood regulation
  6. Mobilize! Activation provides a way to escape depression
  7. Brake! Slowing down provides an escape from mania

Bipolar Disorder: Principles and Treatment for Recovery
This practical workshop provides a foundation for creating a personal recovery model. Dr. Mountain shares breakthrough perspectives about recovery that are honed from medical knowledge and personal experience.
Key concepts include:

Defining recovery
Incorporating respectful language in recovery
Discovering the three principles of recovery
Regulating mood with external resources
Finding and training others to support personal recovery

The final part of this seminar is about treatment options and getting the most out of treatment.
Key concepts include:

The role of medication
Working with doctors and clinicians for best results
The value of psychotherapy
Evidenced based psychotherapies

Bipolar Disorder: Principles and Tools for Recovery
This hands-on workshop provides recovery strategies for bipolar disorder. It emphasizes active problem-solving and effective approaches to the daily challenges of living with bipolar disorder. Families as well as individuals with bipolar disorder are encouraged to develop management skills that are applied in a purposeful way. Included are strategies for

Mobilizing during episodes of depression
Reining in episodes of hypomania/mania
Dealing with grief
Finding recovery strategies for family and friends

It is recommended that this presentation be offered along with Bipolar Disorder: Principles of Recovery rather than as a stand-alone presentation.

Email, or phone 303.329.3364.


Peer and Community Recovery Groups: An Effective Tool for Recovery

Dr. Mountain examines the contribution of peer-managed recovery groups in maximizing recovery efforts. This presentation covers:

Understanding the role of recovery groups in relationship to treatment modalities
Learning characteristics of effective recovery groups
Identifying components that lead to the success of recovery groups
Learning from recovery group models

How to Start a Recovery Group: Success Without Burnout
This lively presentation is based on Dr. Mountain’s own experience in founding and building a recovery group. Included are tips on how to:

Utilize community resources
Establish and maintain a recovery focus
Structure meeting
Prevent burnout
Encourage manageable growth

Dr. Mountain would be happy to custom tailor a keynote or presentation to meet your group’s particular focus or request. Contact her today to book her for your next gathering. Email, or phone, 303.329.3364.


  1. Steamboat Mental Health Center
  2. Mental Health Association of Minnesota
  3. Jefferson County Judicial
  4. Iowa State Consumer Conference
  5. Mental Health Association of Minnesota
  6. Mental Health Association of Colorado
  7. Bridges Conference
  8. Innovations Conference
  9. Boulder Valley Christian Church
  10. Suicide Resource Center of Larimer County
  11. Denver Public Schools
  12. Bayaud Industries
  13. Colorado Association of School Nurses
  14. Aurora Mental Health Center
  15. Behavioral HealthCare, Inc
  16. Organizing Resources Around Needs (ORAN) Conference
  17. Bethany Lutheran Church
  18. Jefferson Center for Mental Health
  19. Karis House
  20. Western Area Power Association


We have received nothing but positive feedback about Dr. Mountain's presentation...she provides an excellent combination of structured information and personal stories, which serve to make the topic real. Our audience had a wide variation of knowledge, ranging from therapists and physicians to individuals coping with the loss of a loved one to suicide. No matter what the level of prior knowledge, audience members responded positively to Dr. Mountain's presentation, and walked away with a more in depth understanding. Executive Director Suicide Resource Center of Larimer County

Dr. Mountain spoke easily and powerfully about Bipolar Disorder. She was able to explain and bring hope to all those attending that were looking for answers....She can take such a difficult topic and bring her own personal story into play to bring it all into perspective for those in her audience....The feedback from attendees at the workshop this year was all extremely positive. Coordinator & Organizer for ORAN Conference.

We had much larger crowds than anticipated for both the citizens group and the professionals group. [Doctor Mountain] held the audiences' interest very well in both prsentations and altered the presentation very icely to fit the needs of the professional group...I have been in the field for over 20 years and I still learned from [her] willingness to share [her] own experiences. Division Director, Colorado West Regional Mental Health.

Having Jane Mountain speak to our Club on Friday was wonderful!!! I thoroughly enjoyed her as a person and her talk was excellent. As I mentioned to you on Friday....At least two or more of our Club members will have directly benefited from her presentation in terms of their own lives!!! President of local business association.

I wanted to thank you again for the classes that you gave. I really benefited from each of them, learning lots and identifying with many of the things you talked about. It was very helpful, and I do hope you offer others in the future. You are a great speaker with much knowledge! Seminar attendee.



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Jane Mountain, MD
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